Is The Sky Falling? No, God Is Casting Vision…Are We Listening?

A special Kingdom Stuff post

by: Tom Casey

When challenging times come, or the status quo seems to be under siege, or all semblance of stability seems to be eroding away; God is here and He is not silent.  God’s Kingdom is passionately moving forward and He is casting vision for what He is going to do on the earth.  The question is, are we listening to what He is saying, in faith, or are we reacting to the cultural and environmental activities, in fear?

God is not surprised by these environmental and cultural activities surrounding us.  He is not wringing His hands, wondering what He’s going to do.  He is not at a loss for words or action.  In fact, when everything around us seems to be in complete upheaval, God is speaking louder than ever and He is casting vision for what His next Kingdom activities are going to be.  If we listen in faith and don’t react in fear, we place ourselves in the position to cooperate with Him in what He is doing.  If we react in fear, we disqualify ourselves from being engaged in what He is doing because fear and faith cannot exist together – they are mutually exclusive.

God trains each of us in order to bring us to the place of cooperating with Him in His Kingdom activities, if we submit ourselves to His training and don’t take ourselves out of it by running away from the circumstances He uses to train us.  Even if we aren’t motivated by fear, we can still take ourselves out of His training course by not allowing His training exercises to have their full effect in our lives.

God is not intimidated or challenged by anything that can and will take place upon the earth.  He is greater than anything and anyone that arises, and laughs at the plans and schemes of humanity.  God uses these circumstances and challenges that arise to instruct and prepare us to be His Kingdom representatives on the earth, and to faithfully cooperate with Him in His Kingdom activities.  Our willingness and ability to listen to Him cast vision for what He will do instead of reacting in fear to the upheaval taking place around us, trains us for the mighty acts of the Kingdom of God that are coming upon the earth in the days ahead.

God doesn’t lose.  It isn’t up to us to deal with the adversity and upheaval in our own strength and our own human attributes.  God knows what He is going to do and He will be successful in doing it.  He simply wants us to submit to His training so we can co-labor with Him in His Kingdom activities coming upon the earth in the days ahead.  Listen to Him, as He is casting vision right now.  Respond to Him in faith and don’t react to the fear and upheaval going on around us.  The sky isn’t falling.  The Kingdom of God is moving passionately and aggressively forward.  As His Kingdom representatives, God wants us to hear His call and move forward with Him to engage and confront the kingdoms of this world with the reality and activities of the Kingdom of God.  It is what we are called to do and He is training and equipping us to do just that.

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